"I’ve received my hat - thank you very much, it is great. Compliments on the efficient and speedy service and on the presentation of the hat! Your brochure is very stylish and professional too…well done! The quality of the hat is top-notch!"

Janice Kuhler

"Wonderful service provided when I had a problem with my beautiful beige colour sunhat. It has been replaced and I am very grateful."

Jennifer Smith

"I'm grateful for the extra effort you took in making sure that hat got to me early! I'm generally pretty sensitive to sun and I think I really managed to field test your hat sufficiently to say that it was money well spent! I stood outside on Saturday for 7 hours without a tree in site and still managed to come out without heat stroke! Every other part of my body was basically cooked through and well roasted except for my head which felt like I had been standing under shady cover the entire time. "

Gerald Walus

"I was "road testing" your new Gilly bag in Mozambique last week and it was amazing…. roomy, strong, stylish and totally crushable in my suitcase. I think it is a great new addition to your range."

Carol Kendrick

"I have been wearing baseball caps and all sorts of hats for horse riding and farm transport, for over 20 years and to say that the Oscar outstrips any other hat on the market as far as “stickability” goes is an understatement. The elasticated band is truly a genius design! Recently I rode in the Okavango delta and it didn’t budge whilst the other riders had to have one hand on the their hat when we cantered."

Rachel Hughes


"I am so delighted... and would like to thank you all once again for this wonderful gift. Stunning. Just what I need to protect me from the harsh SA sun."

Marion Wilson


"Just got my new hat and it really looks and fits perfectly! Many thanks for the very good and professional service!"

Maria-Giovanna Cibotto


"Thank you for your delivery. All arrived today. The best hat I ever had."
Lilian Hermann


"I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I received my order today. It's really great to know there are still places that have such great service."
Caroline Scheepers


"To the awesome Emthunzini Hat Team. Thank you for delivering my order that I have placed last year! It was my husband's Christmas present and it arrived just in time before we left for holiday! He was delighted to receive his own Emthunzini hat (I am already a proud owner!) and looks stunning with it on! Your communication and the ordering process was so easy and smooth."
Colleen Gericke


"I have had my hat for three years and love it - still looks like new after many, many travels."
Elaine Cleghorn


"I received my Celeste Emthunzini Hat this morning. Thank you. It exceeded my best expectations. Congratulations on the easy ordering and paying and deliveryBest of wishes for your company. "
Anneke van Niekerk


"Thank you very much for the fast delivery of the hats! They look great and their quality is fabulous!  Greetings from Switzerland."
Patricia Loretan


"Just a note to thank you for the wonderful online shopping experience. Earlier this week I bought a Capeline hat for my wife and 2 days later it arrived at our house. I opted for the postal service, but I found that you were so pro-active in recommending the courier option, at the same rate, because the postal service was potentially unreliable. The product was elegantly packaged in a plastic bag, tied with a ribbon and a card attached. Well done and thank you!"
Jean-Jacques Verhaeghe


"My hats have arrived, thanks again for the prompt service. I always get so excited when I see them, they truly are absolutely gorgeous. It is so nice to sell a product that you know people love and will enjoy wearing."
Cathy Little


"Ek wil darem net baie graag aan ... Rooirose baie dankie sê vir my pragtige Emthunzini sonhoed. Dit is nogal ‘n noodsaaklike toebehore vir my om te dra, in die Noord Kaap se son!!"
Babsie de Jager


"Baie baie dankie vir my prys, die strooi hoed, ek was so opgewonde om n onverwagse prys te ontvang en om die waarheid te se ek wou al lankal so een he maar het net nog nooit sover gekom om een te koop nie, so walla. Met die hittige somerson is dit baie nodig en die kwaliteit is absoluut tops."
Gerda Gaffney


"Kudo's to the wonderful response from Emthunzini Hats regarding a beautiful hat I bought.... You rock!"
Madelein Zaayman


"My first hat arrived today at the local post office and I am beyond happy with it! After much deliberation , I selected an Explorer, in natural/khaki, but could have settled on any number of hats. On a recent trip to the Drakensberg, I got my husband the Explorer in Fawn/Navy, but the retailer didn’t have 1 in my size. The online purchase experience was so easy, and I would recommend it to shoppers."
Janet Von Klemperer


"Thanks for your kind assistance and follow up service and we all wish you good business, because it is a very good, elegant and necessary product nowadays!"
Riet Wubs, Delphis Diving Centres


"... can't thank you enough for your efficiency! Your service is outstanding!! I've put several people in touch and I'll be ordering again soon! ... you are the best kept secret I have ever found!"
Carol Beard


"My Emthunzini hat is still doing me proud after 6 years in this harsh sun!"
Cobus Geldenhuys, Mediterraneo Clothing, Stellenbosch


"Pleasure, we love doing business with you.  Hoping to grow bigger next year, here's hoping!"
Tania Coetzer (Soda International)


"Many thanks for my super Safari hat - just been to collect it and now wearing it whilst I garden.  It's my 3rd hat from you that I own as the 4th was sent to my sister in England!“ Love them. So stylish and practical as well as being good for you."
Angela Whitehead


"Baie dankie vir my pragtige hoed wat ek ontvang het as wenner van die SA Tuin kompetisie Ek is baie lief vir hoed dra en verseker u dat hierdie gebaar nog tot baie gesprekke sal lei. Ek spog graag met 'n pragtige produk en pronkstuk."
SA Tuin Kompetisie wenner


"I just want to thank you so very much for the wonderful prize I received from your company and Retirement Times. The hats are perfect for my husband and I as we enjoy walking and they offer excellent protection from the sun. My grandson was excited to received his hat and in fact, he wears it all the time!"
Retirement Times competition winner

"Oh, I LOVE my new hats. Thank you. I love them so much I'm ordering a pink one for my Mom and a striped one with the beads for my sister in law. My husband now also wants the man's one in the beige after feeling how very light mine are. (Needless to say I wore my one all weekend - indoors too!!!)."
Carol Schwartz


"Nearly had a heart attack when I saw the flat little parcel... and then I opened it, and Bob’s your aunty, two perfect hats popped out! So you can spread the word, the hats are stunning!"
Trudi van der Wath


"Well, once again your parcel broke the land speed record and arrived here this morning. The hats popped out of the packet undaunted by their ordeal. I am so glad I trusted you and ordered the cream Silhouette. It is a lovely, lovely hat -- very Highgrove! My one client grabbed it immediately."
Catherine Knox (The Studio)