• HOT NEW: Spring Hat Styles

    We are pleased to introduce these fabulous hot new women’s hat styles - the Mona, Rosie and Textured Breton. All of these hot new styles offer UPF50+ sun protection and are CANSA approved. You can look stylish all year round and be sun protected too.

    Hot New Women's UPF50+ Hat Styles

    Hot New Emthunzini Style Hats

    Mona Hat

    The Mona is a rustic suedette-style hat with a black trim. The brim is shorter than the popular Celeste giving this new style a cheekier look. Available in olive green and taupe. Spot washable and an internal drawstring to adjust to fit. A super stylish hat to compliment any wardrobe. Shop the Mona hat

    Rosie Hat

    We introduce the Rosie, a stylish braided hat with an oversized brim. This hat is hand washable and made from 100% polyester. A hot new style to wear at any occasion. Shop the Rosie hat

    Textured Breton Hat

    A new twist to the very popular Breton. This hat is made from a mix of natural fibre and polyester and has a lightweight soft weave with a cord on the crown. It compliments a naturally elegant style. Available in charcoal and natural. The perfect hat for beach walks and evening strolls. Shop the Textured Breton Hat

    We are expecting stock of the Rosie and Textured Breton hats to arrive in early September. Order online now and your hat will be delivered after 1 September 2017.

    Browse our new hat styles and our full range of hats for men, women and children on our website: www.sunhats.co.za.


    Posted by Carol Olive
  • Skin Cancer Awareness: Wear CANSA Endorsed Sunhats

    According to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) South Africa has the second highest incidence of skin cancer in the world after Australia, and in particular one of the highest incidences of melanoma worldwide, as far as Caucasians are concerned. CANSA also reports that skin cancer is the most common cancer in South Africa with about 20,000 reported cases every year.


    CANSA’s SunSmart Campaign was created to educate about the dangers of skin cancer, encourage everyone to get regular skin check-ups and wear the correct sun protective clothing and sunscreen.

    CANSA found that people do not pay enough attention to skin marks but are seemingly more worried about marks on their cars! With this in mind they launched the Car Melanoma campaign.

    CANSA Endorsed UPF50+ Sunhats

    CANSA recommends wearing sun protective clothing all year round, including our UPF50+ sunhats made from high quality ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) approved materials.

    CANSA does not endorse peak-caps, unless they have a fixed flap covering the neck and top of the ears, as they are not highly rated to provide excellent sun protection.

    We encourage you to have regular skin checks and wear your Emthunzini UPF50+ sun hats all year round.

    For any questions on our UPF50+ sun hats email gilly@sunhats.co.za or visit our website for information on what it means for a product to be UPF50+ rated.

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  • Stylish Hats for European Summer Trips

    We recently launched Emthunzini Hats into Europe, Turkey, Russia and the Middle East with a fashion show held in Malta. We have partnered with David Tabone from Serendipity Marketing Ltd in these destinations.

    Emthunzini Hats

    The European launch was held in a beautiful setting on the Mediterranean. Emthunzini Hats complemented the superb summer designs by Carla Grima Atelier. We love Carla’s summer designs with our hats to match. Perfect inspiration if you are heading to Europe for a holiday.

    Women's Summer UPF50+ Hats

    Popular UPF50+ women's hats for European summer trips.

    Capeline Hat: This 5* graded sunhat is a classic with the ribbon trim and stud adding a special finish. It is hand washable and crushable which makes it the perfect traveling hat. Available in six colours. Shop the Capeline hat.

    Amy Hat: The Amy has a 12cm brim that keeps you cool whilst looking stylish too! Hand made from 100% raffia straw, it has an internal drawstring to adjust to fit so that it won't easily blow away if you get caught in the wind. Shop the Amy hat

    Raffia Breton Hat: This high quality hand-woven gorgeous raffia hat can be worn up or down for added sun protection. Wear it down for the Audrey Hepburn look. Shop the Raffia Breton Hat

    Oscar Hat: This lightweight, soft weave hat allows the breeze to flow through to keep you cool. Available in three hat sizes makes it suitable for both men and women. Shop the Oscar hat

    Achieve the Perfect Hat Fit for European Summer Trips


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  • Where are Emthunzini Hats Made?

    Gilly and Sandy Ord, owners of Emthunzini Hats, recently returned from their first visit to the factory where Emthunzini Hats are made. The factory is located in the city of Ningbo in China, slightly south of Shanghai. It is considered to be a small to medium sized city with a population of 7 million!

    The Ords were immediately struck by the extremely friendly customs and Chinese way of life. They were also impressed by the amazing green wonderland of lush vegetation, the many of waterways and canals, the wide roads and modern freeways. It belied anything they had ever imagined.

    Skyscrapers and tall building are in abundance but they are decorated with fun murals and interspersed with with tall trees, lush vegetation and waterways so they don't feel remotely overpowering.

    Within this beautiful city is the factory of Sunflower. This is where Emthunzini hats are manufactured by approximately 100 employees from all over China, happily working away at their jobs.

    Handmade Hat Processes and Work Philosophy

    As the company name implies there is an aura of bright smiling folk, some of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years. In fact, many employees encourage their family from the urban districts to come to the factory as they are extremely well provided for with good meals and many have accommodation on the premises. The company also refer to their employees as colleagues rather than workers.

    The factory is owned by the third generation of the Yu family who have a vast amount of experience and knowledge of hat making.

    There is a commitment to using renewable natural resources in the creation of products. Raffia fibre and other natural materials, are renewably harvested so that trees are unharmed. Production processes are also regularly evaluated to minimise waste. 

    All hats are made by hand - weaving, crocheting and sewing. The weaving is outsourced to rural areas and then collected and finished at the factory. This means that work is also given to those outside of the factory where they can work from home.

    Gilly and Sandy felt 100% reassured that the manufacturing processes and conditions under which Emthunzini Hats are made exceeded their expectations.

    For further enquires about the trip and hat making processes please email gilly@sunhats.co.za.

    Posted by Carol Olive
  • Hat Reviews: Customers Feedback on Top Sunhats

    Every year Emthunzini Hat owners, Gilly and Sandy Ord, make a trip to select the new hat styles and colours to add to the Emthunzini Hat collection. 

    New hats are chosen with the advice from our Australian affiliate company, Rigon Headwear, through their experience and expertise on top selling hats. Gilly and Sandy also watch fashion trends and colours as well as review customer feedback on popular sunhats. They take the time to read hat reviews to help them select the hats they know their customers will love best.

    Customer feedback is very important and we are grateful for the time that each person takes to add a star rating and comment on our online shop.

    Hat Reviews Help Customers Select Top Sunhats 

    Read some customer hat reviews to help you choose your next hat purchase. We have hat styles and colours to suit every occasion. 

    Bella Sunhat for Men and Women

    BEST BUY EVER-5*: "So happy with this purchase, never go anywhere without my Bella hat. Crushable, so it can easily fit into my handbag. Washable, so you can keep it clean for years. I recommend these hats to everyone, as they are comfortable, adjustable and made of strong material. BUT, most importantly, UPF50+, which is a MUST in the African sun!" Anneke. Shop Bella sunhats.

    Bella Sunhat

    Breton Sunhat for Women

    THE BEST SUN HAT EVER-5*: "I bought the Breton hat when I was on Table Mountain while visiting Cape Town. It was 95F and I was desperate. I was delighted when I put it on. It fit perfectly, weighed next to nothing, which always bothered me about other hats, and it's packable and washable. What more could you want in a sun hat! I've never owned a hat as good as this one and I have many. Wore it constantly while in SA, wore it all summer at the pool, and wore it constantly on my trip to India where it was also 95F." Patricia. Shop Breton sunhats.

    Breton Sunhat

    Capetonian Sunhat for Women

    LOVE MY HAT-5*: "I recently bought my "Capetonian" hat online through www.sunhats.co.za. The purchase process was a breeze and I received my hat within 2 days. The hat itself is gorgeous - it's super comfy, provides fantastic sun coverage, and is both casual and chic. I also love the fact that I can just squish it into my bag and it doesn't lose its shape, and also that it's washable." Kirsty Smit. Shop Capetonian sunhats.

    Capetonian Sunhat

    Oscar Sunhat for Men and Women

    A HAT FOR MY HANDSOME-5*: "We recently were fortunate enough to go to the Seychelles for holiday! I purchased Emthunzini sunhats for myself and one for each kid. When the hats arrived, my husband felt left out so I bought him a hat too - now our whole family are hooked on these hats - They are simply fabulous and we will not do holidays in the sun without them again, simply superb and highly recommendable!!" Bets Janzen. Shop Oscar sunhats.

    Oscar Sunhat

    Sarah Sunhat for Girls

    A SARAH HAT FOR MY ANLIA-4*: "Wow, was this the best buy ever!! We recently were fortunate enough to go to the Seychelles for holiday! At those extreme temperatures I was saved by having this hat for my little girl. Apart from the simply adorable pictures she did not suffer sunburn to her face a single day and happily wore her hat in and out of the water! Won't do a sea holiday without this hat again!!" Bets Janzen. Shop children's sunhats.

    Sarah Sunhat

    Online Customer Feedback and Sunhat Reviews

    For more hat reviews visit our each hat listed on www.sunhats.co.za and read what customers have to say. Let our customers help you choose your Autumn hat!

    If you have a favourite Emthunzini Hat please add your review. Your feedback is important to us and to other hat shoppers. 

    Please email us on gilly@sunhats.co.za if you have any questions.

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